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Michael Moore
I used to enjoy watching Michael Moore's "TV Nation" while it was still on the air. I really don't remember all that much about it, though, except that it was funny. So I don't know if his journey into the far-left happened relatively recently or a long time back. However, what I do know is that he is deeply delusional.

While on the Today show, pimping his new book "Stupid White Men" that blames everything wrong with America on big business, he insisted that his far-left perspectives on environment, business, and gun control put him "in the majority". Again and again he insisted on it. But what does he base this on? The fact that his book is now #1 on whatever list they were looking at? Well, with a title like that, of course people are going to want to read it. "Bias", the book in the #1 spot before Moore's, discusses the liberal slant in major news outlets. Does that mean Conservatives were the "majority" a week ago, but now they aren't? Or does Moore base it on the fact that Al Gore got slightly more votes nationwide than Bush did? This still doesn't reflect anything to do with Moore's politics, since the votes only tell us who people wanted for President... a year and a half ago. Can a conservative claim to be in the mainstream majority because George W. Bush's approval rating is so extremely high right now? Not if you ask Michael Moore, who spent the whole interview badmouthing Bush and yet not mentioning any specifics. I kept expecting him to suddenly start shaking in anger and yell out, "Grrrrr, I hate that Bush!" I'd swear he was inches from that line several times during the interview. Does Moore base it on the fact that the Senate is run by Democrats? Considering that people actually elected a Republican majority Senate before Jim Jeffords switched sides, that probably not the best evidence to support this ficticious "left-wing majority". You'll also notice that the House of Representatives, generally a better indicator of overall political trends because of its population-based representation, has a Republican majority.

Okay, to sum up: Michael Moore = delusional. Politics = no one is a real "majority". You have centrists, you have moderates, you have the firmly entrenched, and you have extremists. For any one group to insist that they represent any kind of "majority" among the American people is just plain laughable.

And not in the good, humorous way that "TV Nation" used to be laughable.

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Ladders and crouching
There are two major sticking points to Unreal Tournament's base engine:
  1. No ladders or climbable surfaces of any kind. What modern FPS doesn't have ladders for crying out loud? It simply boggles the mind. I have no idea what prompted them to leave this out, but let's just hope they don't make the same crazy mistake in Unreal 2 or Unreal Tournament 2.
  2. Crouching doesn't change your height. Huh, are you serious? Yes I am. You can't make a map for UT that has a place only accessible through crouching. Any place you can crouch you also have to be able to walk upright in. This is another one of those bizarre decisions that makes you stop and just kind jiggle your head around in shock and confusion.
Maybe it's a good thing that I never got that job at Epic.
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Just got back from skiing. It's nice to get away for an entire week.
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Okay, let's all repeat after me: oil does not come from dinosaurs. It comes from ancient plankton fields as plankton died and settled to the ocean floor to be covered with mud. Oil does not come from prehistoric expanses of rotting brontosaurus corpses. Everyone got that?
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