Night's Edge Manual
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You can't take it with you, which should come as good news to those of us still alive. The truth is, the setting of Night's Edge is a harsh and brutal world, where scavenging is not just accepted, it's generally expected and necessary to survival. So whether it's an ally or opponent that's fallen, they won't be able to use all that equipment strapped to their body anymore. Someone may as well make use of it. Might as well be you.

Looting a fallen opponent

By standing over a corpse and hitting your Buy/Loot Menu key, you can sift through the downed player's former possessions. The loot menu will look similar to the inventory menu. By left-clicking on an item, it will be transferred from the body to your own inventory (assuming you have the room for it). Grenades and explosives are the only weapons that you can carry more than one of. A single slot of ammo will be taken per mouse click. Armor can not be stripped from a body, as that is too long and complicated a task to perform in the middle of combat.

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