The Rebel Programmers Society was created several years ago by individualistic coders who refused to comply to the fascist “guidelines” of computer programming.  This small band of strong-willed fugitives created an underground society, where programs could go undocumented without fear of reprisal, where variable names such as “slopmomma” and “yellowhat” were commonplace.

Has the membership of this cult swelled to thousands of members?  Er, of course.  Are there RPS personnel in key political positions all over the Earth? Uh, Sure.  Has the RPS toppled governments and thrown entire nations into economic collapse?  Whatever you say.  Does the Rebel Programmer Society have nuclear capabilities?  Hey, quit asking me all these stupid questions! What do I look like, an encyclopedia??  I have a life too, ya know!  I got better things to do than sit here and go on and on about how bloody powerful the RPS has become.  For crying out loud, just leave me alone.